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There are two things from which companies cannot escape when we talk about application management: frequent changes and unpredictable issues.

Given this reality, AMS project was created in 2016 to provide Volkswagen the best application support in order to follow systems evolution, while maintaining their activity in full.

The AMS office is located in Lisbon, and today, the team keeps growing, as well as the number of subsidiaries we provide support, from China to Mexico. We go around the World in 24 hours, that's for sure!

Most of this work is done in permanent collaboration with Volkswagen subsidiaries and software providers, which results in a fast-paced, but extremely organized, working environment. This is how we ensure the minimum impact on users’ daily operations and maintain the best levels of system availability and evolution.

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“It’s all about how we do it, from development to operations. The DevOps way!”

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